The Matchups that We Could Expect (or Not) in the 2018 World Series

Most folks have known the five playoff teams in the American League. It has never been too early to wonder the matchups in the upcoming big event. So, let’s wonder.

If you are wondering to watch the baseball in the Snow Matchup, you might be fond of the Rockies vs. Red Sox. For those who haven’t known, the World Series will take place starting from October 23rd with the potential Game 7 on the October 31. According to the forecast, the average temperature of the Denver on 26th can be high of 64 and low of 34. Well, it won’t be so bad if the matchup starts in the day.

2018 world series

Some people wonder if some teams who haven’t won in a long time matchup can meet up. Consider the Brewers vs. Indians. It has been 36 years since the last time Brewers attained their victory by Robin Yount and Paul Molitor. Meanwhile, Indians had an unforgettable experience when swallowing the defeats two times in the World Series. These are the 1997 Game 7 against Marlins and 2016 against the Cubs. At that time, Indians were struggling for the rooting from their fans. It would be great if the two teams meet. Brewers vs. Indians will be an exciting matchup to watch.

If you have been following this sport for a while, you will realize that the rematches tend to be more interesting than the others’ matchups. Well, let’s start with the Diamondbacks vs. Yankees. And then, you might wonder about the Cubs vs. Indians when Joe Maddon is squaring off against Terry Francona. After all, the fans can’t take the risk that Cubs were beating the Indians again.

Back then in 1988, Dodgers made such a surprise when winning over A’s in such prestigious World Series. This, of course, earned A’s fans pretty outrageous. If we analogize it with the history, the A’s are David, and the Dodgers are Goliath. Folks want to see the rematch to figure out the team who deserve the victor.

Of course, besides the wonders we mentioned above, we can’t rule out the five best World Series Matchups. If you haven’t known the these five best matchups, here is the quick list for you:

  • Cubs vs. Red Sox in 2003
  • Braves vs. Indiana in 1995
  • Brewers and A’s Rivalry
  • Dodgers and Yankees Rivalry
  • Cubs and Astro Rivalry

If you are looking for the slits, what can be better than the matchups above?

Besides there are a lot of matchups that we’d like to see, there are also some matchups that we’d wish never happen. One of them is the Cardinals vs. Red Sox. They just played in 2013. Cardinals could finish in the third place, or even win the World Series.

The MLB postseason is going to be an unusual situation to follow. You will want to know every detail and the basic knowledge of the 2018 MLB postseason before proceeding. The 2018 MLB season has been filled with the Red Sox dominance, the great trackings, and the wide-open National League. Six teams are striving for the two playoff spots in the senior circuit.

You will want to get notified when the playoffs happen. It will begin on October 2 with the NL wild-card game. The AL wild-card game will occur on October 3. the results of the wild-card will determine the fate of the teams involved. The winners will proceed the Division Series on October 4 for the NL Division Series, and October 5 for the AL Division Series.

Then the participating teams will have the vast time gap until the World Series 2018 takes place on October 23rd. That is at least the timeline that you need to know so that you won’t miss the results of your favorite teams. The status of the times and teams are still TBD.

If you plan to watch the wild-card game, there are different channels to broadcast them. ESPN will televise the NL wild-card games which happen on Tuesday, October 2nd. Meanwhile, the TBS will air the AL Wild-card games that occur on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018.

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Both of the wild-card events above have different options. The teams are also TBD. Make sure you check the information in the official site.

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